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About M & S

We have over 15 years experience as builders, carrying out work from new builds through to refurbishing home and commercial properties. Working on both building projects, Michael and Son has experience in carpentry, decorating, installing bathrooms and kitchens.

We can take on a wide range of building work, from domestic right through to commercial builds.

To find out more or discuss details about your building project or requirements, please contact us.

We have dedicated work team undertaking a range of projects in a variety of key sectors including; Private Housing, Education, Healthcare, Conservation, Leisure, Community projects, Affordable Commercial Housing.

Our approach is to provide our clients with a team of people that know how to work together, with the experience and skills required to make the project a success for all involved.


It is our aim to always operate in an open and harmonious environment with a ‘partnering’ style approach adopted so that when challenges occur we work together to find the best solution.

We aim to deliver a quality building service, on time within budget that exceeds our client’s aspirations within a culture of trust. Before

we commence any project we listen to the customer requirements and observe, taking into account their own ideas.

Then will we design a solution to match your lifestyle, surroundings and budget.

With any project, Michael and Son provide a complete support team that you can rely on and trust, to ensure the job is completed on time and to the highest standard.

Sweet Jamaica

Site supervisor for 840 rooms hotel in Negril